12 Minute EMOM: All movements in the same minute
10 Stars
10 Primates
10 1-Hops

How This Works:

Set a timer. At 0:00 all the movements at their reps as fast as you can, then rest until 0:59. At 1:00 you will repeat the same 3 movements at their reps as fast as you can. The quicker you move the more rest you will have at the end of each minute. Keep going until you finish 10 1 hops at the 11:00 minute mark.



Lay on your back with your arms over your head and your legs out long. Start the movement by bracing your core and bending at the hips. Keeping your legs and arms straight reach your right hand and left foot up over the center of your body to meet. Lay back down the way you sat up and repeat on the other side.


Like a sideways mountain climber, Start by squatting down low, place your hands on the floor in front of you and make sure your wrists are under your shoulders. With straight arms shift your weight on to your hands and jumping one leg straight out to the side while the other stays bent under your upper body. Keeping your hands on the ground, jump  your legs back up back up and switch. The leg that was originally under you will now be straight out to the side while the other one takes its place. Pop back and forth as fast as possible.

1 Hops:

In a slightly squatted stance and you feet hip to shoulder width apart, Step forward with your right foot, then bring your left foot up, keeping the original distance between them. Then step your right foot back and then your left foot. Continue this sequence as fast as you can for 10 reps. Each new round switch your lead foot. So round 2 you will start by stepping forward with your left foot.