15 Minute AMRAP: As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible.
30 Downward Dog Shoulder Taps
15 Overhead Squats
15 Leg Raises
30 Side to Sides

How This Works:

Set a clock for 15 minutes and preform the movements at the given reps, in order, as many times as possible until the time is up.


Downward Dog Shoulder Taps:

Start in a high plank on your toes and hands. Push through your hands, hinging and pushing the hips back and up toward the ceiling. Your body will look like an upside down V. You will shift your weight to one hand while the other comes up to touch the same side shoulder. Place that hand back on the ground, shift your weight on to that side to lift the other hand and touch that shoulder. Each tap of the shoulder is 1 rep.

Overhead Squats:

Standing with your feet at hip to shoulder width apart, with your arms over head holding an object, send your hips back and down until your hips are at least parallel with your knees. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and do not let them cave into the middle, keep pressing you knees out. Keep your back flat, chest up and core tight, and arms straight up overhead. Stand back up.

Leg Raises:

Laying on your back with your palms on the floor under your hips, engage your core – bring your belly button to your spine and raise your feet off the floor until your straight legs are perpendicular to your body, slowly and with control bring your heels back toward the floor before raising them back up again. Every up and back down is one rep.

Side To Sides:

 In a V-Sit position, twist and touch the ground on one side of your body with your hands or an object, then twist to the other side to touch the floor. Each touch is one rep.