20 Rounds For Time:

2 Tuck Through
4 Hop Over
6 Side 2 Sides

How This Works:

20 Rounds For Time
20 Rounds For Time

Using a towel for these movements, set a timer and preform the movements in order at the specific reps 20 times as quick as you can properly move. If you are super fast try adding another 10 rounds and go for 30.


Tuck Through:

Start by laying flat on you back, hands over your head holding the towel with arms straight. Pressing your back into the ground and pulling your belly button to your spine, Double crunch up, bringing your shoulders off the ground and knees up toward your chest. Bring your arms down and swing the towel around your feet and lay back down with your arms at your sides holding the towel under your hamstrings. Double crunch back up and bring the towel back over your head to the start position. That is one rep.

Double Crunch Heel Touch: If you don’t want to use a towel, Start the same as above by laying on your back and hands above your head, double crunch up, bringing your shoulders off the ground and knees toward the chest. Touch your heels with your finger tips and lay back down into the starting position.

Hop Over:

Pick a spot/line on the floor, or you can use an object for more intensity, keeping your feet together hop over the object landing on the other side, then rebound back to the start. If hopping like that is not in the cards today, do a skip over. Sending one foot over first and then bringing the other to meet it after, then repeat to the the start side.

Side 2 Sides:

Starting in a v-sit position, hold one end of the towel in each hand, arms out long in front of you. Twist to one side bringing that hand to touch the floor, then twist to the other side until that hand touches he floor. Keep your core tight and your back long and straight. Each time you touch the floor with one hand is one rep.