4 Rounds: 30 Seconds Of Each
Alternating Lunges
Alternating Toe Touches
Slider/Ball Hamstring Curl
Alternating Toe Touches
Speed Skater

How This Works:

Set a clock and perform each movement for 30 seconds so that each round will take exactly 3 minutes with the 30 seconds of rest. Go through 4 rounds for a total of 12 minutes.


Alternating Lunges:

These can be forward stepping, reverse stepping, or walking lunges. Lunges are a variation of a squat. And the same concepts apply – Don’t let your front knee cave into the center, keep your core tight, and chest up. Start by standing straight up, engage your core, squeeze your butt and keep you shoulders down and back. Take a Step forward or backward. Keep the front knee over the ankle with the shin vertical. The back knee slightly touches the ground, behind the hip.  Then press through the front foot to stand back up. Switch legs. Each time a knee slightly touches the ground behind you, that is one rep.

Alternating Toe Touches:

Lay on your back with your feet reaching for the ceiling, engage your core and  crunch up to reach your right hand up to touch your left foot. Lay back down and then do the same thing with the opposite sides.

Slider/Ball Hamstring Curl:

Lay on you back, with your heels on either an exercise ball, floor sliders, or paper plate, lift your hips up to a bridge and keep your core super tight. Extend your legs out straight, then pull your heels back in toward your butt while maintaining the glute bridge (hips up).

Speed Skaters:

Start standing with your feet hip to shoulder width apart. Jump to the right side landing on your right foot with your left coming behind and tapping the ground while you reach down with your left hand to touch your right foot that is planted. Quickly stand back up and hop to the left side, landing on your left foot while your right foot comes behind and taps the ground and your right hand taps your left foot. Keep alternating back and forth.