5 Rounds:
10 Plank Pull Through
10 Split Squat Each Leg
10 Ground to Overhead

How This Works:

Grab an object, like a dumbbell, book, can of soup, ect. Start a clock, and go through the 5 rounds as fast as possible.


Plank Pull Through:

Start in a high plank on your hands, under your shoulders, and on your toes, Shift you weight to one hand and with the other pull an object from the outside of your planted arm to the outside of the pulling arm. Place your hand back down, shift your weight and pull back to the other side.

Split Squat:

Standing in front of and away from a chair, box, couch, ottoman, place on toe on the edge, while the other leg is firmly on the ground. Sit down into a lunge, bending and keeping your front knee over your front ankle. Press your front foot into the ground to stand back up. Do all reps on one side before switching legs.

Ground To Overhead:

With your feet hip width apart and your object on the ground between you feet, squat down and grab your object, stand straight up and bring the object over head and lock out your elbows. Reverse the movement and bring the object back to touch the floor before standing back up and repeating the movement.