6 Rounds For Time:

30 Low Step Ups
10 Floor Press
10 Chair Dip

How This Works:

6 Rounds For Time Use What You Have
6 Rounds For Time Use What You Have

You will perform each movement at the given reps, 6 times through as quick as possible. Using the equipment you have available to you.


Low Step Ups:

Using a step, or a short sturdy object, step up on to it with one foot then the other and back down with each foot. Up-Up-down-down. That is one rep. Go as quick as you can like you are running in place. Remember to switch the lead foot for each new round.

Floor Press:

Lay on your back, engage your abs so your core is tight, hold your weighted object over your chest with your arms straight. Bring the object down to your chest then press back up to the starting position.

Chair Dip:

Using a sturdy chair/step/object, stand in front and looking away from the object, place your palms on the edge with your fingers pointing toward you. Hold yourself up with your arms real close to your body. Put your feet out in front of you, the further away from your body the harder the movement. Keep your core tight and back straight. Bend your elbows so they point back and away from you until your elbows are near a 90 degree angle, then press back up to straight arms. Thats one rep.