Get Back Into The Gym Workout Program

Get Back In The Gym Workout Program

Is your gym opening back up and you are unsure of how to get going again? Get Back Into The Gym Workout Program This 6 day program will help you get reacquainted

15 Minute EMOM With Ascending Squats

15 Minute Ascending EMOM: All movements in the same minute. How Far Can You Get? 30 Hop Overs 5 Squats +Adding 1 Squat to each round. How This Works: Set a timer.

4 Rounds – 30 Seconds of Each Movement

4 Rounds: 30 Seconds Of Each Alternating Lunges Alternating Toe Touches Slider/Ball Hamstring Curl Alternating Toe Touches Speed Skater Rest How This Works: Set a clock and perform each movement for 30

Down The Ladder – 20 Reps down to 1 Rep

Down The Ladder: 20 Reps down to 1 RepPush Up Renegade Row (Or Shoulder Taps)Over The BellThrusters How This Works: You will start a clock and do 20 reps of each movement,

TABATA – Pull Prime Tap & Hold

TABATA: 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off Plank Pull Through Primates Toe Taps V-Sit Hold How This Works: Set a timer and perform max number of Plank Pull Through for 20 seconds,

Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilization

Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilization How This Works: Follow along with me through the flow and finish with a 3 round Buy-Out. It will go - Sequence 1 three times. Into Sequence 2 Right
Bodybuilding Arms Abs Cardio

Bodybuilding Style – Arms, Abs, & Cardio

Bodybuilding: 4 sets of each Superset 1: 12-15 reps Overhead Tricep Extension 12-15 reps Close Grip Dumbbell Press 20 reps Leg Raise 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks Superset 2: 12 reps Halos Each

TABATA: Each Movement

TABATA: 20 Sec On - 10 Sec Off for 4 Rounds (4 Minutes) Each TABATA 1:Lunge - Lunge - Squat -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 2:Zippers -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 3:Burpees How This Works: Each 4

15 Minute AMRAP: Deadlifts-Dips-Up Downs

15 Minute AMRAP: As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible.30 Deadlifts30 Tricep Dips30 Bear Crawl Up Downs How This Works: Set a clock for 15 minutes and preform the movements at the