Down and Up the Ladder: 10 to 1 to 10 reps
Push Up Shoulder Tap + Tap
Pike Up Kick Outs
Over The Bell

Rest 1 Minute after 1 rep then start again, going up.

How This Works:

You will Start a clock and do 10 push up shoulder tap tap, 10 pike up kick out, 10 over the bell, 10 squats, then start over again with 9 push up shoulder tap tap, 9 pike up kick out, 9 over the bell, 9 squats. Continue all the way down to one rep. Take a 1 minute rest. then start at 1 push up shoulder tap tap, 1 pike up kick out, 1 over the bell, 1 squat, working your way back up through 10 reps of each again.


Push Up Shoulder Tap + Tap:

Starting in a plank position with your hands on the floor under your shoulders, core engaged and tight, squeeze your butt, and stay rigid throughout the movement. Bend your elbows and lower yourself toward the floor until your elbows are at least 90 degrees and then press yourself back up to straight arms, moving your body as one straight line. Shift your weigh to one hand while the other hand reaches up to tap the opposite shoulder, place that hand back on the floor and tap using the other hand. 1 rep = 1 push up + tap + tap.

Pike Up Kick Outs:

Lay on your back with your hand under your hips, you will engage your abs and bring your legs up over your body and reach the heels towards the ceiling, bring the hips up as high as you can. Reverse the movement until your legs are straight and parallel with the ground.

Over The Bell:

You will start in a V-Sit hold position, straighten your legs, and create a rainbow over an object, if you choose to use an object. The higher your heels, the more intense the movement will be. Remember to keep your core tight, think about bringing your belly button in towards your spine and brace yourself. Try to use your abs to move your legs from side to side and slightly tapping your heels at each side. Each tap of the heels is 1 rep.


Standing with your feet at hip to shoulder width apart, send your hips back and down until your hips are at least parallel with your knees. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and do not let them cave into the middle, keep pressing you knees out. Keep your back flat, chest up and core tight. Stand back up, until your at full extension.