Down The Ladder: 20 Reps down to 1 Rep
Push Up Renegade Row (Or Shoulder Taps)
Over The Bell

How This Works:

You will start a clock and do 20 reps of each movement, then go back through and do 19 reps of each movement and then 18 ..ect. Keep going until you finish the round of 1 rep of all the movements.


Push Up Renegade Row:

Starting in your preferred push up position, wrists under your shoulders and either on your toes or your knees. Do one push up, then put your weight on one hand while you pull your elbow up and back into a row with the other. Keep the rowing arm close to your body. Place the first hand back on the floor and row with the other arm. Push up – row – row is one rep.
Weights – With your hands on the dumbbells do a push up then row each arm.
Body Only – This will be a push up and shoulder tap. Do one push up then tap your left shoulder with your right hand then tap your right shoulder with your left hand. That is one rep.

Over The Bell:

You will start in a V-Sit hold position, straighten your legs, and create a rainbow over an object, if you choose to use an object. The higher your heels, the more intense the movement will be. Remember to keep your core tight, think about bringing your belly button in towards your spine and brace yourself. Try to use your abs to move your legs from side to side and slightly tapping your heels at each side. Each tap of the heels is 1 rep.


Start by doing a squat – Standing with your feet at hip to shoulder width apart, send your hips back and down until your hips are at least parallel with your knees. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and do not let them cave into the middle, keep pressing you knees out. Keep your back flat, chest up and core tight. Stand back up and send your arms up overhead. You can hold a weight at your chest through the squat or do it unweighted and just keep your hands up at shoulder level.