Here is a great workout for you!

It is a whole body strength and cardio workout!

Incorporating some of my favorite movements, because they are so effective.

You will be working every angle with squatting, pressing, pulling, core, and cardio.

In the Video I go  over all the details of the movements. And even give you a good guide on how to warm up well for this Workout!


The Workout


The Details


Hold the weights at your shoulders, get deep in that squat, exploding up. Moving those weights up and over head with the help of your leg drive. It should be one smooth motion. After locking out over head, bring those weights back down to your shoulders and pull yourself back down into that squat. Make sure to keep your chest up and core tight throughout the whole movement.


Star by standing tall, put your hands on the floor, hop your feet back into a plank position, lower yourself to the floor making sure to touch your chest and thighs to the floor. Push back up, Jump your feet forward and stand back up. This is meant to be a quick cardio movement working your entire body.


Grabbing a weight in each hand, stand with your legs slightly apart with a small bend in the knee, bend at the waist and touch the dumbbells on the floor before standing back up by pulling through your hamstrings. Make sure to keep your back flat, chest up, and those weights close to your body.


Grab one weight with both hands between your legs, sit back into a squat and forcefully stand back up pulling with those hamstrings and squeezing the glutes at the top. Use the leg drive and hip extension to powerfully swing that weight out and up. Make sure to keep your chest up, back flat, and use those legs to propel that weight. This is meant to be one smooth motion.

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think!