Versatile. Amazing. Strength building. Cardio inducing. Accessible and accommodating pieces of equipment out there. Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, incorporating dumbbells into your routine will impact your muscles in awesome ways.

  • Shows the difference in strength between the two sides of your body.
  • Helps to engage the supporting tissues and ligaments for stabilization throughout movements.
  • You can do anything with dumbbells as you can with a barbell.
  • You can store them in a corner easily.
  • You can take them with you on road trips.
  • Your options are endless

Dumbbells are a must in my book and will always have a love/hate relationship in my heart.

Brute Force Sandbag

Brute Force Athlete Sandbag is a powerful tool to keep you guessing and unstable. Trying to lift an object that is constantly moving and shifting makes a workout an incredible way to train for life!

Ever have to carry a toddler who is having a melt down?

Train for the unknown with the Brute Force Sandbag.

  • Buy the bag and inserts
  • Fill the inserts with the material you choose - Play sand or pee rocks are great options
  • Pick the weight you want to work with
  • Stores easily
  • Take it with you on vacations to keep your fitness on point

Seriously, you need to try this!

REP Fitness Medicine Balls

REP Fitness has ALL the equipment! But let us talk about their Medicine Balls right now.

When looking for a GOOD quality Medicine Ball you want one that

  • Doesn't bust even after your 1000th Wall Ball
  • Keeps it shape even after you fall on the ground with exhaustion
  • One that packs a punch through any movement you perform with it
  • You can store it anywhere
  • Pack it in the car for road trip fitness

Best Balls Ever!

Plyometrics Box

You thought carrying groceries up the stairs was hard?

After training some weighted step ups on the Plyometrics Box you can become the most powerful up-the-stairs grocery carrier in your house.

  • Comes in many shapes and sizes
  • REP Fitness even makes a Soft one (no scraped up shins!)
  • Easy to make at home (if you are handy with wood and power tools)
  • Makes a great bench for dumbbell chest presses and other supine movements
  • Overcome your fear of jumping

Start climbing stairs with gusto!

Agility Ladder

Quick feet!

Tired of running on the treadmill or can't run outside because mother nature DGAF about your workout schedule? An agility ladder is a great way to get a huge cardio boost!

  • Easy to layout and store away when you are not using it
  • Even kids love it
  • Take it with you on road trips and camping
  • Upper and lower body workouts with heart pounding strength inducing results
  • Take your fitness level up one rung at a time

Move your feet faster than you thought you could!

Battle Rope

What is more simple than waving a rope around with high intensity?

Grab an end in each hand and let loose of all your aggressions.

The upper body pump is real and you will feel so much better after a few minutes of repeatedly slamming a battle rope.

  • Simple to use for all skill levels
  • Builds upper body, lower body, and grip strength
  • It never gets easier - you get stronger
  • Use it as a cardio boost during a lifting session
  • Roll it up and store it away when not in use

Make it wave!

Foam Roller

You got knots from all that equipment usage, high intensity workouts, gnarly cardio routines?

A foam roller will have your back!

Message all the places that hurt on your own, no appointment needed!

  • Comes in various shapes and sizes
  • Use as a warm up to a workout, a cool down from a workout, or as a mobility tool on an active rest day
  • Practice finding some balance in low movements such as a plank
  • Easy to store

Roll It Out!

Yoga Mat

Need some slow and low movement?

Follow along with some yoga either at your local studio or at home and bring your OWN Yoga Mat.

  • No more sharing a Yoga Mat with others at class (yours can smell just how you want it to)
  • Pick and choose your thickness for your comfort
  • Show off some style by picking from a variety of colors
  • Who says you can't have multiple??
  • *Cat Not Included*

Lets go stretch!

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great way to increase your cardiovascular endurance!

You don't need much space, just some head room, to get your heart rate to that fat burning zone.

Both feet, One foot, Single unders, double unders.. It doesn't matter. Pass that rope under your feet for a few minutes and you will be feeling it work.

  • Simply jump
  • Choose your own pace
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Take on road trips (Look here, I did!)
  • All skill levels

Jump.. Jump.. Jump.. Jump..

Equipment For All

All of my favorite pieces of equipment can be used by anyone willing to sweat. Keeping motivated to workout is easy when you have so many options to choose from. It is hard to get bored with this stuff!

Want More?

There are many free workouts to choose from at workouts.chelseysue.com

And Most of them, if not all, can be modified to use any piece of equipment you have available to you! Switch up your equipment for the same workout and see what a difference each piece makes!

If you are new to working out or it has been a while since you were consistent, start with doing one workout every other day.