TABATA: 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off
Mountain Climber
V-Sit Hold and Chest Fly
Jump Squat

How This Works:

Set a timer and perform max number of Mountain climbers for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, max number of V-Sit Hold and Chest Fly for 20 Seconds, rest 10 seconds, 20 seconds of pepsis, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of jump squats, with 10 seconds rest. You will go through that sequence twice, take a one minute break, do it again, one minute break, then do it one more time. So you will hit each movement 6 times.


Mountain Climber:

In a plank position on your hands and toes, with feet together, bring one knee up toward your chest then return to the starting place and do the same with the other leg. Alternate as fast as possible, like running in place. Keep your back as flat as possible and your hips level with your shoulders. Each time a knee comes to the chest is 1 rep.

V-Sit Hold and Chest Fly:

Sit down and bring your legs up until your feet are in line with your shoulders, so that your body looks like a V from the side. In this position, straighten out your arms in front of you while holding a weight/object in each hand. Keeping a slight bend in the elbow bring your arms out to the sides until your hands are in line with your shoulders, then bring them back together in the center of your body.


In a slight squat position quickly lift one foot off the ground and then the other. Running in place as fast as you can.

Jump Squat:

Standing with your feet at hip to shoulder width apart, send your hips back and down until your hips are at least parallel with your knees. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and do not let them cave into the middle, keep pressing you knees out. Keep your back flat, chest up and core tight. From the bottom of the squat you will jump up until your feet are off the floor, softly land, then go right back down into the squat.