TABATA: Each Movement

TABATA: 20 Sec On - 10 Sec Off for 4 Rounds (4 Minutes) Each TABATA 1:Lunge - Lunge - Squat -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 2:Zippers -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 3:Burpees How This Works: Each 4

21-15-9 Reps

21-15-9 Reps ofBurpeesThrustersV-Up How This Works: You will do 21 burpees then thrusters then V-Up. After the set of 21’s you will then go back through the movements completing 15 reps of
Full Body Strength and Cardio Workout

Full Body Strength and Cardio Workout

Here is a great workout for you! It is a whole body strength and cardio workout! Incorporating some of my favorite movements, because they are so effective. You will be working every angle
5 and 20 For Time

5’s and 20’s For Time

For Time:5 Crunch Crunch Leg Raise10 Single leg Deadlift and High knee each side5 Crunch Crunch Leg Raise20 Plank and Touch5 Crunch Crunch Leg Raise20 Squat and Alternating side kicks5
12 Min Emom

12 Minute EMOM – Bird Dogs and Burpees

12 Minute EMOM: Every Minute On The MinuteMin 1: 20 Alternating Bird Dog (0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00)Min 2: 20 Alternating Side Lunges (1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:00)Min 3: 6 Burpee Over
15 Min EMOM Holds

15 Minute EMOM – With Holds

15 Minute EMOM: Every Minute On The MinuteMin 1: Max Bottom of Push up hold, rest of the minute Mountain Climbers (0:00, 5:00, 10:00)Min 2: Bottom of Squat hold (1:00,
10 Minute AMRAP Ascending Burpees

10 Minute AMRAP – Ascending Burpees

10 Minute AMRAP: As Many Rounds and Rep As Possible 1 Burpee6 Alternating Lunges2 Burpees6 Alternating Lunges3 Burpees6 Alternating LungesContinue adding 1 Burpee to each round. How This Works: 10 Minute AMRAP Ascending
Body Weight Chipper

Chipper Workout

Chipper Workout For Time: 50 Spidermans40 Hollow Rocks30 Hop Overs20 Inchworms10 Burpees Rest 1 minute. Then Go back up! How This works: Body Weight Chipper Start a timer then perform the number of reps assigned