Bodybuilding Arms Abs Cardio

Bodybuilding Style – Arms, Abs, & Cardio

Bodybuilding: 4 sets of each Superset 1: 12-15 reps Overhead Tricep Extension 12-15 reps Close Grip Dumbbell Press 20 reps Leg Raise 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks Superset 2: 12 reps Halos Each

10 Rounds of 5 Reps of Each Movement

10 Rounds5 Push up5 Squats5 Jumping Jacks5 Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps on each shoulder5 Lunges Each Leg How This Works: Set a clock and get through all the reps and sets as
The 100's For Time

The 100’s For Time

For Time:100 Surfers100 V-Ups100 Jumping Jacks100 Primates-You pick how you want to get through the reps. How This Works: Start a timer and get through all the reps as fast as possible.
Bodybuilding Style 4 Ways

Home Bodybuilding Style Workout – 4 Ways

Minimal equipment at home? Or Maybe no equipment?This home workout will have you hitting all the body parts with minimal to no equipment. Use what you have. Mix it up