Down The Ladder – 20 Reps down to 1 Rep

Down The Ladder: 20 Reps down to 1 RepPush Up Renegade Row (Or Shoulder Taps)Over The BellThrusters How This Works: You will start a clock and do 20 reps of each movement,

Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilization

Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilization How This Works: Follow along with me through the flow and finish with a 3 round Buy-Out. It will go - Sequence 1 three times. Into Sequence 2 Right

12 Minute EMOM: Push-Raise-Jump

12 Minute EMOM:Min 1: 12 Push Ups (0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00)Min 2: 24 Leg Raises (1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:00)Min 3: 40 Jump Rope (Or Pretend) (2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 11:00) How This

All The Lunges and Some Other Stuff

For Time:20 Inchworms20 Alternating Lunges20 Alternating Single leg Deadlift20 Alternating Lunges20 Side Plank Right floor to Ceiling Reach 20 Alternating Lunges20 Side Plank Left floor to Ceiling Reach 20 Alternating Lunges20 Push
16 Min AMRAP

16 Minute AMRAP – With Some Twang

16 Minute AMRAP: As Many Rounds and Reps as possible8 Curtsy Lunges8 Hand-Release Push Up16 Scissors8 Thruster How This Works: Set a timer for 16 minutes and get as many rounds of


TABATA: 20 Sec On - 10 Sec Off for 4 Rounds (4 Minutes) TABATA 1: Alternate betweenHigh KneesSquats -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 2: Alternate betweenHop OversSit Ups -Rest 1 Minute then TABATA 3: Alternate
Bodybuilding Style 4 Ways

Home Bodybuilding Style Workout – 4 Ways

Minimal equipment at home? Or Maybe no equipment?This home workout will have you hitting all the body parts with minimal to no equipment. Use what you have. Mix it up
4 Rounds of 30 Sec Each

4 Rounds – 30 Seconds Max Effort

4 Rounds: 30 Seconds for each Alternating Single Leg DeadliftPush UpFire Hydrant LeftFire Hydrant RightCandlestick Roll to toe touchRest How This Works: 4 Rounds of 30 Sec Each Set a clock and perform each