For Time:
100 Surfers
100 V-Ups
100 Jumping Jacks
100 Primates
-You pick how you want to get through the reps.

How This Works:

Start a timer and get through all the reps as fast as possible. You pick the rep scheme that works for you as long as you keep the movements in order. You could do all 100 reps of one movement before moving on to the next. You could do 2 Rounds of 50 Reps of each of the movements. 4 Rounds or 25 reps of each. 5 Rounds of 20 Reps each. 10 Rounds of 10 reps each. 



Start with your feet hip to shoulder width apart come into a slight squat with your core tight and touch your left foot with your right hand as you come back up, jump and twist to the right, land looking the opposite direction you started and then squat back down touching your right foot with your left hand. As you come back up this time you will jump and twist to the left following your left hand, and landing looking at the original direction.


Lay flat on the floor with your arms straight over head and simultaneously bend at the waist and bring your legs and torso straight up, your body will look like a V and touch your toes with your hands. Keeping control, lay back down.

Jumping Jacks:

Starting standing straight with your arms at your sides, jump your feet out to each side while also bringing your straight arms over head. Jump your feet back together bringing your arms back down to finish.


Like a sideways mountain climber, Start by squatting down low, place your hands on the floor in front of you and make sure your wrists are under your shoulders. With straight arms shift your weight on to your hands and jumping one leg straight out to the side while the other stays bent under your upper body. Keeping your hands on the ground, jump  your legs back up back up and switch. The leg that was originally under you will now be straight out to the side while the other one takes its place. Pop back and forth as fast as possible.